Today July 6th. in Medicine!

July 6, 1885: French microbiologist Louis Pasteur successfully gave the first anti-rabies vaccination to nine-year-old Joseph Meister. The young boy was bit by a dog that had rabies. Louis Pasteur first tested his vaccines on dogs. He also invented many vaccines for different infectious diseases.

I had to list this medicine even though it was not invented on July the 6st. It was invented on March 6, 1899 : This medicine has been classed as possibly the greatest product in medicine of all time. A German pharmaceutical company by the name of Bayer evented the Aspirin.

The month of July in general is note worthy in Medicine

Alois Alzheimers in July 1917 through all of his research in psychiatry and neuropathy he was credited with the disease that was named after him. His second wife had many of the symptoms of the disease. When she died he was allowed to due research of her brain which led to future discoveries in the Alzheimer Disease.

Clara Barton became the founder and the first President of the American Red Cross.

Thomas Edison had over 1200 patents. One of his workers a man by the name Clarence Madison Dally was responsible for inventing the X-Ray. He made an x-ray of his own wife’s hand and it even showed her wedding ring. Edison was astounded and did other research in 1896 using many chemicals to make sharper images. Edison and Dally continued their research together. Dally become the first person to get radiation poisoning and he died in 1904.



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