Medicare Decisions Now!

Are you ready for Medicare?  The minute you turn 65 years old you have to make a decision for Medicare.  What decisions do you have to make?

Some people and companies try to make your decision to start Medicare very complicated.  But, really it is not because Medicare covers 80 % of your medical bills once you turn 65 years old.

You have two decisions to make.  The very first one is to sign up for your Social Security.  You can start getting your social security benefits and your monthly check when you turn 62 years old.  You don’t have to do that if you are still working.  But, in order to be on Medicare (which is your medical benefits ) you have to be at least 65 years old.
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The second decision you have to make is to enroll with Medicare.  What you have to understand is being on Medicare there is a cost for those medical benefits and that comes right out  of your social security check before you receive it.

Remember that Medicare will cover 80% of your medical bills.  That is why there is a cost involved.  The cost of your Medicare depends on how much income you made when you were working.  The average cost will be at least $110.00 monthly for each person 65 years old in the family.  So, if it is you and your mate then each would pay the cost of Medicare.  This is called Part B.

When you enroll in Medicare then you will receive your Medicare Card and also your Medicare Handbook every year.  They make it easy on you because they will calculate your individual cost for Medicare every year and you will receive a statement to show your Medicare Benefits that you will receive during the year.

A word of caution,  the Medicare Card that you receive is for one time unless you loose it.  So, take care of it and put it in a safe place.  When I received my Medicare Card I went and got it laminated where they make photo copies.  That will protect it for you through the years.

In the back of your Medicare Handbook you will notice all of the different Medicare Advantage Plans that are also available to you in the state that you live in.

If you remember, I said that Medicare covers 80 % of your medical bills.  Some people just choose to accept what Medicare covers.  They treat it as a catastrophic plan and feel they would rather pay that 20 % out of their own pocket and savings.  This way some feel that they would keep their medical cost way down especially if they are healthy.  When their health starts to change the older they get then that is when they will pick a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Now, when you look in the back of your Medicare Handbook you will notice many different Medicare Advantage Plans.  Pick a few different ones and compare all of their benefits and also the  monthly cost that they will charge you for their plan.  Be careful because some of the plans do not include a Prescription Plan and others do include it.

You will notice the cost of the different plans may fluctuate according to what is included in their plans.  More plans are becoming available that have a zero premium.  That means that they will not charge you a monthly premium for their plan.

But, there are always co-pays for the plan you decide to pick.  The plans that have a zero premium normally have some higher co-pays.  if you don’t want higher co-pays then don’t pick a zero premium Medicare Advantage Plan.

By this time you are probably saying that this seems like it is as clear as mud.  It isn’t to bad for me because I have sold Medicare Supplements in the past and I understand them pretty good.  But, one thing is constant and that is change.  Medicare does make changes almost every year.

There are insurance brokers that can try to make it simpler for you to understand.   Yet, the decision on Medicare is still yours to make.

I am including some online Medicare Information to make to easier for you to make an educated decision.  This is Free and there is No charge for this information.
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You will receive Medicare information in the mail before you turn 65 years old.  So, please for your benefit check out this information on Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans.


By doing your homework now, you will be able to make proper                 Medicare Decisions when the time comes!

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