This Day July 5th, in Medical History!

This first one was on the 4th of July and I thought it was interesting.

7/04/1854 there was a Romanian physician, bacteriologist Victor Babeș born. He was best known for his work with bacteria and he had a great influence on infectious diseases. He also studied tuberculosis, rabies, and leprosy.

7/05/1780 there was a French physician François Carlo Antommarchi born. He was famously known for being Napoleon’s physician from 1818 to 1821, and he came to the conclusion that his death was because of stomach cancer.

7/05/1860 there was a French physician Mathieu Jaboulay born. He was best known for his first attempts at performing kidney transplants in humans suffering from chronic kidney failure. To do this he used kidneys from goats and pigs.

7/05/1862 there was an American-British bacteriologist George Nuttall born. He was best known for his investigations between mosquitoes and what is now known as malaria.

Let us try to be healthy.


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