Guardian Go Bags!

Guardian Go Bags, do you have yours?

When you think of insurance for you, one thing that should come into your mind is your Guardian Go Bag!

This may be one of the best insurance policies that you could have.  In the light of all the natural disasters and tragedies worldwide you owe it to yourself and your family to buy one today.

About two weeks before I wrote this blog there was Hurricane Harvey that devastated Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas,  also parts of Louisiana where flooded badly.  At this writing there were at least 60 deaths and estimated well over 75 billion dollars in damage.

There are over 30,000 people that will need temporary shelter because of losing everything but the clothes on their backs.  Sometimes we don’t worry about these disasters until it touches home.  We might say it could never happen to me where we live.

A very good friend of one of my sons , lost their house and their two cars.  They were sent to temporary housing and do not actually know where they are staying.

I cannot imagine how devastating this would be.  As a matter of fact, I like many of you have put off buying a Go Bag until now.  I purchased one this week.  If you have one, you are to be commended for planning ahead.

But, it is not to late to order a Guardian Go Bag.  As the expression goes, it is better late than never.

As I am writing this blog there are horrible fires in the western part of the USA.  Also, another hurricane, Hurricane Irma is in the Caribbean going forwards Puerto Rico and Cuba.  Hurricane Irma according to the weather channel should hit the Florida Coast in a few days.

The Florida Keys and the Miami Area are in the direct path of Hurricane Irma.  Then from there going up the coast.  Irma right now is a Category 5 Hurricane with winds up to 185 MPH.  It is the strongest hurricane that has ever been in the Atlantic Ocean until now.

I am not trying to scare anybody just to forewarn and be prepared for what may come your way.

When you stop and think of all the so called natural disasters worldwide it should make us really concerned and want to be ready at a moments notice to leave and have preparedness to take care of our families.

There are not only hurricanes but also, tornados, earthquakes, fires and tsunami’s in different parts of the world.  That is why I decided to write this blog and encouraging everybody to plan ahead and purchase a Go Bag.

If nothing else, at least check them out from Amazon because they have the best prices that I have seen and shipping is included.

Good Health to you,