The History of Healthcare!

There are so many problems with the Healthcare today, I thought it would be good to look at some of healthcare history.

In 1883 one of the first healthcare systems was in Germany. Many other countries including Britain and France had healthcare programs by 1912. Most of these healthcare programs were formed by the workers themselves.

Between the 1800’s and 1912 in the USA the government took no action to subsidize the healthcare. Hmm, seems like today!

It is interesting during the time that Theodore Roosevelt was President of the US, the years 1901 to 1909, he felt that No Country could to strong if their people were sick.

In 1912 they had a health conference in which they decided to have healthcare insurance for all individuals who made less than $1,200.00 annually. This also included their dependents. It included doctors, hospitals and even maternity benefits.

By 1945 to 1953, Truman became President. Healthcare became a major concern for the government. President Truman wanted a National Healthcare System. He had opposition from the Congress because they didn’t want national healthcare. In 1946, the Republicans took control of Congress and they had no interest in starting National Health Insurance. Isn’t it something how history repeats itself?

After WWII, from the 1950’s to 1960’s, the Unions became very prominent in providing healthcare benefits to their workers and families.

In 1958, Medicare for seniors on Social Security was proposed but it wasn’t until

1965 that President Johnson signed it as law along with Medicaid.

In recent years since then we have had Obama Care and now Trump Care.

In The Future What Kind Of Healthcare?



Today July 7th in Medicine!

I have enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes series and also the movies about him.
This Day in 1852 was the birthday of Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick, Dr. Watson
Dr. John H. Watson is his proper name.
The man that was noted for writing these stories was Conan Doyle was born in Scotland in 1859 and he studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh. One of his professors he studied under had extraordinary deductive powers and this inspired him in the character Sherlock Holmes.

On this Day in 1942 during World War II Heinrich Himmler who was the architect of Hitler’s extermination of the Jews and also many Jehovah’s Witnesses began medical experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz.
He used physicians to experiment on women in the Auschwitz concentration camps and to extend this investigation on males.
These experiments would take the form of sterilization by using large doses of radiation injections. They also decided using X rays to see how they would castrate men and used this on male prisoners. Adolf Hitler was the mastermind behind all this and he endorsed this plan on the condition that it remained top secret. He was a very sick individual!

I wanted to include this information on Dementia because my father-in-law is suffering from this disease at the age of 90. This information is about Dementia trends in England and Wales. It is estimated that there would be a dramatic increase in the number of people with dementia by 2040.
Because the most prominent risk factor for dementia is aging, the urgent need to address the public health challenges of dementia is heightened worldwide. In 2015, nearly 47 million people around the world had dementia. If age and sex specific prevalence of dementia stays constant over time, there will be 130 million cases by 2050.

I was watching 60 minutes about a month ago and they had a group of people in Ecuador, South America that had early dementia that started in their 40’s. The doctors went back in their ancestry all the way to the 1800’s. When checking they found out that over 60% of their family line end up with Early Dementia.
The dementia is caused by a deformed gene. Whoever has that deformed gene will get early demenia in their 40’s. What the doctors decided whether right or wrong is that when testing all the individuals in that family if they had the deformed gene they would not tell them.

Would you want to know? I know that I would so that you could make an educated decision on whether to get married and or to even have children. Because I wouldn’t want to pass the possibility of having the deformed gene on to my children.
This is alot to think about.

Thank you,

Today July 6th. in Medicine!

July 6, 1885: French microbiologist Louis Pasteur successfully gave the first anti-rabies vaccination to nine-year-old Joseph Meister. The young boy was bit by a dog that had rabies. Louis Pasteur first tested his vaccines on dogs. He also invented many vaccines for different infectious diseases.

I had to list this medicine even though it was not invented on July the 6st. It was invented on March 6, 1899 : This medicine has been classed as possibly the greatest product in medicine of all time. A German pharmaceutical company by the name of Bayer evented the Aspirin.

The month of July in general is note worthy in Medicine

Alois Alzheimers in July 1917 through all of his research in psychiatry and neuropathy he was credited with the disease that was named after him. His second wife had many of the symptoms of the disease. When she died he was allowed to due research of her brain which led to future discoveries in the Alzheimer Disease.

Clara Barton became the founder and the first President of the American Red Cross.

Thomas Edison had over 1200 patents. One of his workers a man by the name Clarence Madison Dally was responsible for inventing the X-Ray. He made an x-ray of his own wife’s hand and it even showed her wedding ring. Edison was astounded and did other research in 1896 using many chemicals to make sharper images. Edison and Dally continued their research together. Dally become the first person to get radiation poisoning and he died in 1904.



This Day July 5th, in Medical History!

This first one was on the 4th of July and I thought it was interesting.

7/04/1854 there was a Romanian physician, bacteriologist Victor Babeș born. He was best known for his work with bacteria and he had a great influence on infectious diseases. He also studied tuberculosis, rabies, and leprosy.

7/05/1780 there was a French physician François Carlo Antommarchi born. He was famously known for being Napoleon’s physician from 1818 to 1821, and he came to the conclusion that his death was because of stomach cancer.

7/05/1860 there was a French physician Mathieu Jaboulay born. He was best known for his first attempts at performing kidney transplants in humans suffering from chronic kidney failure. To do this he used kidneys from goats and pigs.

7/05/1862 there was an American-British bacteriologist George Nuttall born. He was best known for his investigations between mosquitoes and what is now known as malaria.

Let us try to be healthy.